30 June 2011


lately I have found myself drawing and sketching more often and I have begun to wonder wether if it was the case to do something about it - so I have decided to start working on prints for postcards.
some prints I have been preparing:
✻ each postcard has a "paper" edition plus a cyan edition, a magenta edition and a yellow edition.
✻ I will keep on sketching for more patterns - if I get a good feedback.
you will be able to purchase the first postcards very soon - ask me here!

28 June 2011

vermeer pinhole 2.

Jacopo and I had finally the chance to test the vermeer pinhole camera.
film sheets - kodak portra 160 NC
✻ I believe that the light leaks and the grain are really intriguing!
despite the film and the processing being so expensive - I am positively convinced to work with this beautiful pinhole camera to a personal project that should evolve into an exhibition in autumn.

20 June 2011

vacanze italiane 2.

I have just got back from a week in Italy where I visited my family.
Emi has got longer hair than the last time I saw her - she even manages to have a ponytail!
we visited such an inspiring place: an abandoned sanatorium between the Alps - that Emi had been reading about: Prasomaso.
FAMIGLIA! we all look funny on this polaroid - the sun was in our eyes and we were all a little sad that I was leaving.
it is always wonderful to see my dad, my mam and my sister - now I am waiting for them to come and visit me in Helsinki!
P.S. Emi gave me a special book:

16 June 2011

ricordo di milano.

Jacopo has found a magnificent booklet of old postcards of Milano. each postcard represents something special of the city - on each back side there is an accurate description in english.
Ricordo di Milano 1948
we may send a few of these postcards to some friends - I think Milano looked more fascinating back in those days.
I like the title of the booklet Memory of Milano: a beautiful way to remember it!

14 June 2011


my dad ♡ knows me so well that he has got me a surprise from an old school he has been restauring: three film rolls from the 40's which were used to be projected as a way of teaching.
the film rolls are extremely well preserved - as they are still in their own yellow box - labeled with their own title. I have scanned each film and I am now going to share them here.
La Lapponia e i Lapponi
my personal favourite is the one about Lapland - I think the photographs are really fascinating.
Dagli Appennini alle Ande
a story I had been watching myself as a kid on tv - about a boy traveling to Argentina to look for his mam.
Perchè la Mamma si Alza Presto
a story about the role of the mother in the family - very 1940's in Italy.
I am really thankful to my dad for giving me such treasures - once again he has proved that he respects what I like to do the most. I hope he will find more films in that school!

10 June 2011

PX 680.

I was thrilled to find out that a photo store in the neighborhood sells some pretty treasures.
PX 680 color shade - first flush
eventually the impossible project has come up with a beautiful film - the definition is quite good and the colours are amazing looking to me.
✻ the first one was taken in my apartment - it has been so far the best PX taken inside.
✻ the third and second ones were taken at the botanical garden - the weather being sunny and hot, the film turned out with lovely warm tones.
my personal favourite of Jacopo down at the harbour - the colour of the sea is just perfect.
see also flickr!