29 February 2012

february 29th.

Jacopo's birthday!
me and him have already spent three of his birthdays together - but this fourth one is definitely the most special as it is actually on the 29th. for this joyful occasion I have decided to share on here my 12 favourite portraits of Jacopo I have taken so far.
happy birthday Jacopo! ♥ ♥ ♥
in chronological order from 2009 to 2012. you might have seen some of these already - but I still think they look beautiful all together.
P.S. my gift for Jacopo: a Lomokino with a LomoKinoscope and a LomoKino Smart Phone Holder.
I hope that with this lovely 35mm movie camera we will shoot many beautiful short films together!

26 February 2012

100 feeders (4).

over the past few days I had been at home ill and I am still recovering from a bad flu - but I couldn't go one whole week without painting any feeder. yesterday in fact I spent most of the afternoon in my studio - with Jacopo's precious company: I painted the base of ten feeders and completed the decorations on some more.
documenting the fourth week of work:

photographs: courtesy of Jacopo.
I enjoy decorating the feeders and looking at them drying together - but there are still many many boxes to go!

25 February 2012

sunshine award.

I had never heard of the Sunshine Award until yesterday - when beautiful and talented artist Mayken gave me one. I have then learnt that the Sunshine Award is "awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspires others in the blog world": when you receive it you are asked to answer some questions and pass the award to five other bloggers who deserve it. now it is my turn to give 5 Sunshine Awards and share some sun too.
• 5 of my favourite songs with the word sun - in alphabetical order:

Another Sunny Day - Belle & Sebastian

The Sun On His Back - Camera Obscura

Sunny Road - Emiliana Torrini

Sunset Soon Forgotten - Iron & Wine
In The Sun - She & Him
favorite color: warm yellow
favorite animal: house sparrow
favorite non-alcoholic drink: herbal tea
facebook or twitter: blogspot
getting or giving presents: both
favorite flower: common dandelion
favorite pattern: birch trees patterns
passion: animals and nature
favorite number: 2
• 5 of my favourite bloggers and blogs - in alphabetical order:
Alice Amanda Jacopo Joana Marguerite
all these blogs are worth following: I hope they will enjoy my award!

20 February 2012

finnish pastries.

while I was eating my delicious laskiaispulla - I thought about making a chart about my favourite finnish pastries. after some sketching and scanning my chart is ready to be shared.
my 10 favourite finnish pastries:

click on each of the finnish names to read the recipe - see list below.

1. Korvapuusti - cinnamon roll
2. Voisilmäpulla - butter eye bun
3. Piparkakut - ginger cookies
4. Joulutorttu - christmas tart
5. Runebergintorttu - Runeberg's cake
6. Laskiaispulla - shrove tuesday bun
7. Tippaleipä - Vappufinnish doughnut
8. Munkkirinkilät - doughnut
9. Pannukakku - oven pancake
10. Tiikerikakku - tiger cake
finnish pastries are all delicious: some of them are made to celebrate a specific occasion (Runebergintorttu or Tippaleipä) - some others I can find every morning even at my local supermarket (Korvapuusti or Voisilmäpulla). I cannot go one day without having one of these sweet treats!

18 February 2012

polaroids and summer.

I miss summer but I know it is still far away. I was looking through our summer polaroids: it seems like we never shoot polaroids in the winter time. with the impossible project films the best shots were always taken in bright day light.
10 of my favourite summer polaroids:

✻ among these are PX70s PX100s and PX680s - taken between 2010 and 2011.
looking at these picture makes me nostalgic: I cannot wait to shoot some polaroids! I really hope that the impossible project will improve its films too - while I am waiting for the summer.

16 February 2012

100 feeders (3).

I try to go to my studio and work on my feeders at least once a week - despite the fact that lectures and courses are taking away a lot of time. I was there yesterday: wednesday afternoons are usually free. I am happy to announce that I have reached a number of over 100 butter boxes - which means I do not need to collect boxes anymore. thank you all!
documenting the third week of work:

✻ I believe it is important to document this process but sometimes taking photographs while painting is not easy. the photos turn out much better when Jacopo comes along to take them - like two weeks ago.
I am so grateful to the ones who believe in this project and are supporting me in every way. I will keep on documenting!