27 February 2013

self portraits.

last saturday I have taken the first self portraits of a series I am going to work on for the rest of the year: the concept and location will be the same while the changing of the seasons will naturally transform the look of the forest around.
Self Portraits:

Hasselblad 500 C/M - Kodak Portra 800
I had been thinking about taking a mirror to the forest for so long and finally I did it: it was just a test but I was so pleased by these first photographs that I have decided I will take more of them and transform this into a long term project.
take a look at it on my website too!

25 February 2013

day trip to porvoo part 2.

the best thing about our trip to Porvoo last wednesday was that the old town was almost completely empty - being a regular winter working day there were no local people around and very little tourists. Myriam and I were lucky enough to be able to take our photographs with almost no disturbance at all - even the temperature was rather fine that day being about 0°C.
more photographs from Porvoo:

Hasselblad 500 C/M - Fuji Pro 400H.
that beautiful afternoon ended with a delicious slice of pie and a warm cup of tea before heading back home to Helsinki. I really wish I could spend at least one afternoon a week as lovely as the one we spent in Porvoo - I am also very happy with how my photographs have turned out!

23 February 2013

day trip to porvoo part 1.

on wednesday I spent a lovely afternoon in Porvoo: my friend Myriam and I decided to take the day off and finally enjoy the first rays of sunshine in about a month. it was my third time in Porvoo and I hadn't been there since last summer: it was refreshing to leave Helsinki for a little while and a good excuse to take some photographs with my dear Hasselblad.
some photographs from Porvoo:

Hasselblad 500 C/M
- Fuji Pro 400H.before joining two more friends for tea - Myriam and I spent most of the afternoon taking photographs of the colourful old town and we both finished our film rolls.
I will share more photographs from our trip to Porvoo in a few days!

18 February 2013

a few portraits.

last weekend I was busy setting up my website and this past weekend I didn't go exploring new forests either as I didn't feel good - on top of that the weather had been particularly gray and horrible. though I did find the time to take my Hasselblad out for a short walk in the neighborhood on saturday: I wanted to take a few portraits as I hadn't taken any with it yet and I had a black and white film ready - Jacopo came along.
Hasselblad 500 C/M - Ilford FP4+:

✻ my favourite darkroom prints.
I spent yesterday afternoon in my dakroom developing and printing and eventually I was pretty happy with the results - which means I will take more portraits with my Hasselblad. please view the prints on black to appreciate better each detail.
P.S. I have important news to share:
1) I will be working on my new project dedicated to the forest with Ryuto Miyake - a brilliant Japanese illustrator.
2) I will be working on a booklet with a selection of my photos with Celsy Sabilla - a creative Australian graphic designer.
I cannot wait to share more about these two exciting collaborations!

12 February 2013

website update.

after several months of being offline my website is now finally up and running again with a significant selection of my latest photographic works and projects. I hope you will have time to visit it and maybe leave your feedback here afterward.

✻ some screenshots of the website.
over the past couple of years my works have gradually changed and so have my style and themes - I believe that these sort of changes might happen frequently enough when following an artistic path. choosing which works to show on my new website was challenging for me and that is partly why it took so long for it to be back online - though now I am finally happy with it and I hope you will be too.
P.S. many thanks to Jacopo who was once again responsible for designing the look and feel of my new website!

08 February 2013

looking for collaboration.

I am seeking a collaborator to work on a booklet dedicated to the forest: dear illustrators please read on!
I would like my photographs to meet your illustrations and combine them to create a series of images that celebrate the forest and what it means to both of us.
a collection of some of my photographs from the forest:

✻ from various forests in Finland - during different seasons of the year.
the forest is a very special and unique environment to me and it is often the subject of my photographs. how do you feel about the forest? is it dear to you? my photographs will be of a Finnish forest but your illustrations may be inspired by anywhere you are from: merging different places through our work will make the booklet even more precious.
if you would like to work with me on this project please drop me a line!
P.S. depending on how many people will be interested eventually I will try to choose one illustrator by the end of next week - writing a comment with a link to your portfolio would be very helpful!

06 February 2013

hasselblad at niskala arboretum.

last sunday we finally decided to go back to Niskala Arboretum - we hadn't been there since october. the forest was covered in fresh snow and everything was white and very quiet: the ground beneath our feet was incredibly soft and powdery.
Hasselblad at Niskala Arboretum:

Fuji Pro 400H.
I took my Hasselblad 500 C/M along again because I feel like I need to practice with it for a while more - I always need time to get used to a new camera in fact.
Jacopo brought along my Nikon FM:

I love this portrait he took of me!

04 February 2013

hasselblad in seurasaari.

on saturday morning I decided to go back to Seurasaari - this time with a black and white film roll and my Hasselblad 500 C/M just fixed with her new light trap foil. so I have started the week with a pleasant darkroom session by developing a HP5+ with finally no light leaks at all - below are eight of my favourite prints.
Hasselblad in Seurasaari:

dakroom process - Ilford HP5+.
I especially love the last print: despite the fact I had been to Seurasaari many times I had never seen that mill before. I hope you had a wonderful weekend too!