30 May 2013

getting ready for iceland.

last summer I didn't leave Finland at all and for the past two years I haven't been anywhere else - if I don't count my hometown in Italy: I feel like I haven't travelled anywhere new for a long time. I remember writing a travel wishlist and Iceland was at the top of it - so it shouldn't be a surprise that my first trip this summer will be there. it feels like a dream coming true: despite the fact that that travel wishlist isn't older than a year - I have been wanting to visit Iceland since I was a teenager. back then the reason had been my love for Sigur Rós - nowadays I still adore Icelandic music but there is so much more that attracts me to Iceland and that is why I have decided it is about time for me to visit it. I am so happy I will finally be able to go there - in exactly 20 days from now - and that Jacopo will be my travel companion for such a wonderful adventure!
getting ready for Iceland:
♥ photographs of Iceland from The Commons on Flickr
while waiting for these twenty days to pass I am looking at some beautiful photographs: among the blogs I read there are many that feature images from Iceland and I know that some of you have been there already and loved it. what do you suggest us to visit? we will have a car and only ten days to travel around but I especially would like to see some geyser and glaciers, Puffins and Icelandic Horses and some beautiful isolated wooden cottages. I would love to get some suggestions from you so please feel free to comment below - Jacopo and I are soon going to plan our itinerary.

P.S. I have already started to collect some film rolls to bring along with my favourite cameras: I am going to get a lot of them so that for once I won't be counting the number of shots I take - my very first trip to Iceland deserves very many photographs!

27 May 2013

bits of spring via instagram.

spring in Finland is a matter of two or three weeks: it is the shortest and probably the most intense season of all. once the snow melts the ground is brown and the trees are bare like in autumn: it seems like colours are taking a long time to come while suddenly the first flowers appear and - just a few days after - everything looks green and beautiful. these days I walk around Helsinki and I cannot help but marvel at all the joyful things that spring has brought back to town once again: I have missed the chirping of little birds in the forest and the crying of seagulls at sea. I just cannot take enough photographs - I wish spring could last longer!
bits of spring via Instagram:
a few of my favourite cellphone pictures from these last couple of weeks.
a sad note: the shutter unit on my Nikon FM has stopped functioning completely - it already had a few difficulties with the fastest shutter speeds. I am upset because that means that one of my favourite cameras will be out for repair and I won't be able to use it for a while. good news is that the repairman has promised to fix it by the 14th of June: it sounds like a long time to me but at least I will be able to take it along on our summer trip - we are going somewhere really special this time and I cannot imagine leaving without my Nikon FM!

24 May 2013

a week in photographs III.

this is the third and the last bit of a week in photographs: here are the final four images that were missing from my twelve-photograph film roll. thinking back it had been a lovely week and the weather had been so pleasant - unfortunately it didn't last long and it has been raining for the past three days now. I might be doing another week in photographs sometimes soon.

a week in photographs part three - in no particular order:
Hasselblad 500 C/M - Kodak Ektar 100
a few lovely neighbors have been taking good care of our backyard: those pots with flowers were just the beginning as right now the grass is green and the garden is full of colourful blossoms - not to mention all those trees finally full of leaves. I could stare down at the backyard for hours - I should definitely take more photographs of it because it is so beautiful right now and when the weather is fine there is a sweet granny knitting at the wooden table in the corner - from staircase B I presume. my cat Tove doesn't like to stay still in front of a camera so I was particularly lucky that morning.
✻ a couple of notes aside:
• some of you might have already noticed that Passer Domesticus has a new look: I felt like it was high time for a change as it had been the same since 2009. what do you think about it?
• I have finally added a shop to my website: there you can purchase a copy or a PDF of Päiväkirja and a few other postcards and prints. you are all welcome to take a look at: pollybalitro.com/shop.

22 May 2013

a week in photographs II.

this is the second part of my little project a week in photographs: below are four more pictures from the 120 film roll I had been taking - I will soon post the remaining four for a total of 12 photos. carrying around my Hasselblad everyday had been quite a challenge: my backpack was heavier than usual - yet whenever I was spotting something I liked to capture I was glad I had my camera ready with me.
a week in photographs part two - in no particular order:

Hasselblad 500 C/M - Kodak Ektar 100
that little colourful boat had been moored in the neighborhood for a while and really deserved a photo on such a glorious sunny day. I had never climbed up the hill to have a closer look at that magnificent villa before and I was glad I finally did so: I wonder who lives there. I remember the weather being so warm and humid that day that the sky was overcast.
to be continued!

20 May 2013

a week in photographs I.

when shooting a film roll I usually tend to finish it in one or two days. this time though I wanted to capture a whole week through 12 shots of my Hasselblad: it was hard to take no more than two photographs per day but when I finally got the roll developed I recalled every moment I decided to take each of them.
a week in photographs part one - in no particular order:

Hasselblad 500 C/M - Kodak Ektar 100
it had been a very warm week: the flowers started to bloom everywhere and the grass became suddenly green. strolling around the neighborhood I had noticed many people hanging around my favourite spots: even the botanic garden had become more crowded - I didn't complain though as it was finally possible to sit outside and read a book. I am so glad the swan didn't move when I was taking that photograph.
to be continued!

17 May 2013

ARTS exposed.

if you are in Helsinki this weekend do not miss ARTS Exposed in Kruununmakasiini at Hämeentie 39: tomorrow from 12:00 to 18:00 and on Sunday from 12:00 to 18:00. I will be showing and selling some of my framed prints from Lapland, two series of postcards and some copies of Päiväkirja. beside me many more talented artists and designers will present their own works.
ARTS Exposed 2013:

ARTS Exposed banner (image 1) and invitation (image 8): Matti Virtanen.
in occasion of Restaurant Day ARTSushi & Soup pop-up restaurant will be serving delicious food right in Kruununmakasiini tomorrow during the art and design sale.
spread the word to your friends: this weekend you are all welcome to ARTS Exposed 2013 Art and Design for Sale!

12 May 2013

kivinokka II.

below are a few more photographs from our sunday spent around Siirtolapuutarha and Kivinokka. not too far from the cottages and their gardens there is a place where we hadn't been before: more little houses lay closer to one another in the forest.
Hasselblad 500 C/M:

Ilford PanF Plus 50
on that rock overlooking the sea Jacopo and I had our first picnic of the season: riisipiirakat and a big kanelipulla each. unfortunately the wind was still a little cold that day and we couldn't stay long but I am sure there will be more picnics now that summer is finally approaching.
I hope your weekend has been lovely!

10 May 2013

kivinokka I.

on a sunday morning over a week ago Jacopo and I decided to try and have the first picnic of the season. it was a fine sunny day and we first took a walk around a springy Herttoniemen Siirtolapuutarha.
Hasselblad 500 C/M:

Ilford PanF Plus 50
most of the houses had been just opened up after the winter and many people were taking good care of their little gardens. we then walked up a hill further into the forest and settled on a rock overlooking the sea: a lovely place called Kivinokka.

the bright sunny day and the very low iso gave a nice contrast to the photographs: I should use Ilford PanF Plus more often. ♥ the 5th photograph was taken by Jacopo.
I will share more from that day soon!

07 May 2013

excursion II.

here are some more photographs from the film roll I took during our excursion in Vanhakaupunkilahti: I especially like the one with Annie as she fits in perfectly with the colours of the surroundings. one of the ducks I was trying to photograph had been a little too fast running away.
Hasselblad 500 C/M:

Kodak Ektar 100
outside that fascinating wooden cottage there is an old garden rocking chair: it is probably my favourite spot of the island of Lammassaari and Anne and I sat there that day to have some chocolate. I cherished every moment of our excursion.
♥ thank you Annie!

03 May 2013

excursion I.

last saturday my friend Annie and I went for a photography excursion together: it had been a lovely day and the weather was just perfect to take photographs as the cloudy spring sky emphasized the yellow tones of the ground making them brighter.
Hasselblad 500 C/M:

Kodak Ektar 100
every time I get the chance to spend an afternoon with Annie it is always a beautiful one: we spent the most of it in Vanhakaupunkilahti talking and taking photos - I finished an entire film roll. I will share more from that Ektar 100!
I wish you all a lovely weekend! ♥